The Company

Arctic Mineral Resources AS is a junior mining company focused on a single development project featuring modern, sustainable, and profitable mining project to recover garnet from five connected properties in Vevring / Engebo on the northern banks of the Forde-fjord.
The company was founded at the beginning of 2018 after 8 landowners in Vevring, the management consultancy Arctic Minerals Management AS, and the Norwegian mining veteran Robert Hermansen saw the opportunity to develop a sustainable mining project in Vevring applying underground mining without onshore waste rock deposits or tailings disposal in the fjord, and with a very modest footprint. To avoid deposits and tailings, for the first 4-5 years, the processing plant will be situated on a nearby industrial site in need for the residuals from the processing of garnet and a rutile rich mass for export.
The landowners transferred their garnet mineral rights to Arctic Mineral Resources AS in exchange for a majority shareholding in the company. Shortly after this, Nils Egil Johannessen, a process engineer with more than 50 years of experience from recovering industrial minerals from hard rock, joined the team.
Together with competent and relevant partners from the industry, we have developed a sustainable mining project securing full and optimal utilisation of all masses to be extracted from our Vevring deposit. At the same time, we contribute to creating new local jobs, secure significant tax income to the municipality, and give Norway a showcase for a modern and sustainable mining project that complies with the highest environmental standards.
Our team:
Tore Viana-Rønningen, CEO. Experience from corporate finance, risk management, and mining investments as a private equity investment professional in Barclays Natural Resource Investments (’07-’11) and investment banker in Barclays Capital (’05-’07). Broad management experience from listed and private companies with an extensive mining industry network.
Hege Tinnesand, CFO. More than 30 years of experience from management positions in listed and private companies, including working with companies from early start-ups to IPO / trade sale. Previous experience as CFO in several companies, including a listed shipping company, an international offshore business, and most recently in a listed cyber technology company.
Ethan Barnes, Project geologist. Geologist with experience in mineral exploration and underground mining in Australia, Scandinavia and Greenland. Knowledge of mineral reporting codes and associated processes, diamond core drilling and analytical methods. M.Sc. in sustainable and innovative natural resource management
Nils Egil Johannessen, process engineer. More than 50 years of experience from the industrial mineral industry as manager and process engineer. Regarded as one of Norway’s leading experts in industrial minerals processing. Previous experience from Sibelco Nordic (’09-’16), North Cape Minerals (’94-’08), Franzefoss (’88-’93), and Norfloat (’68-’87).
Robert Hermansen, advisor and mine engineer. More than 50 years of experience from the mining industry in management positions and as mine engineer. Former CEO of Store Norske (’99-’08) and Odda Smelteverk (’84-’99). Received Bergmannstaven, the Norwegian Mining Association’s highest award, in 2003.
Arnold Rørholt, chairman. Lawyer with an international background within natural resources law. Former Senior and Managing Partner and Head of Natural Resources in Schjodt, a leading Norwegian law firm. Former CEO / Chairman of Norcon PLC, a multinational telecom and defence consultancy. Has occupied several non-executive positions.
In addition to our in-house team, we benefit greatly from the significant experience and expertise that our partners possess as well as the active participation of our landowners.