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This page contains links to relevant information for the Vevring-Engebo eclogite deposit and related documents as well as a selection of information related to Arctic Mineral Resources’ activities.

The Vevring-Engebo deposit has had, and continues to have, many stakeholders with different interests and objectives. The deposit has been subject to extensive exploration and analysis over the years, with multiple players developing operating concepts and / or small-scale production for rutile and / or aggregates mining. An inevitable change of focus to garnet mining took place a few years back. Garnet currently represents the majority income source for both mining companies with garnet rights in this deposit, Arctic Mineral Resources on the western side and Nordic Rutile* on the eastern side. Arctic Mineral Resources is not affiliated with any other named companies, organisations or individuals named on this site.


We have listed some relevant events in the table below. For those who want to read more, please see the “ABC for the Engebo deposit” (Norwegian language only). The mineral rights in the Engebø mountain is described elsewhere here, and in a legal opinion from the law firm Glittertind (Norwegian language only).


  • 2022
    • Sunnfjord municipality grants NOM* building permit on Engebø
    • AMR starts core drilling in Vevring with its own diamond core drill rig
    • AMR’s subsidiary Norse wins a tender round for an external core drilling campaign
    • AMR begins further preparation experiments at an external laboratory
    • AMR and affected landowners submit answers to NFD in connection with a procedural error connected to the award and extensions of rutile mineral extraction rights in the area
  •  2021
    • ESA commences investigation into a possible breach of the EU water directive by Norwegian authorities when granting a sea tailings disposal discharge permit to NOM*
    • The state administrator in Vestland rejects an appeal against NOM’s* demolition permit
    • NFD confirms a procedural error by affected landowners not receiving status as party to the case in connection with the award and extensions of rutile mineral extraction rights in the area
    • AMR acquires a core drilling rig, forms a drilling company and starts recruiting a drilling crew
    • AMR extends the MoU with an established industry player for offtake of all garnet to be extracted
    • AMR appeals judgment from Oslo District Court to Borgarting Court of Appeal
    • Oslo District Court rules in the case regarding an action for declaration. The district court rules that garnet belongs to the landowner, also in complex ore deposits consisting of minerals owned by both landowners and the state. The court further rules that NOM* is entitled to operate a mine on AMR’s properties, but will have to hand over or compensate for the garnet extracted on properties where AMR has an agreement with the landowners (conditioned on a garnet mining operation being profitable)
    • The Norwegian Friends of the Earth and Nature and Youth lodges an appeal against the award of a demolition permit to NOM*
    • Sunnfjord municipality awards NOM* a permission to demolish 23 buildings on Engebø
    • AMR performs further core drilling for use in an updated resource estimate
    • AMR requests the Directorate of Mining to evaluate the basis for an independent utilisation of garnet in the Vevring deposit
    • AMR applies to the Directorate of Mining for an operating license for the Vevring Garnet Project
    • AMR documents that eclogite rocks featuring modest garnet grades meets the product requirements for use as armour stone according to European standards and enters a Letter of Intent (LoI) for sales & distribution of armour stone
    • AMR documents that its eclogite filler can be declared as a product for use as aggregate in asphalt production according to European standards and enters into a letter of intent
    • AMR documents that its eclogite filler meets the product requirements for sale and use as for mechanically and hydraulically stabilized aggregates and enters into an agreement for the sale of all eclogite filler during the initial years of operation
    • AMR obtains a 3rd party resource report for the Vevring deposit, which together with a bespoke mine plan designed by an engineering consultancy, documents 51 years of reserves with further unmined resources that makes a future doubling of reserves likely
    • AMR takes legal action against NOM* to clarify the rights to the Vevring deposit
    • AMR conducts further recovery test work aimed at increasing garnet recovery
  •  2020
    • AMR successfully completes first drilling campaign and commences mineral recovery test work
    • Sunnfjord municipality rejects AMR’s area zoning plan
    • Site visit with the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries regarding NOMs* application for expropriation
    • Initial meeting with Sunnfjord municipality with regards to area zoning plan
    • AMR extends MoU for garnet offtake
    • Sunnfjord municipality concludes not to appeal the decision to grant an operating license to NOM*
    • The law firm Glittertind submits an appeal to The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries regarding the decision to grant an operating license to NOM*on behalf of AMR
    • The Directorate of Mining grants an operating license to NOM*
    • Barton, NOM’s* exclusive partner for garnet offtake, withdraws from the heads of agreement and divests its ownership
    • AMR submits consultation input to the hearing on NOM’s* application for expropriation
    • The Directorate of Mining concludes that a negative decision of the expropriation application will entail a revised operating plan as NOMs* application for an operating license is conditional a positive outcome.
    • NOM* publishes their Definitive Feasibility Study
  • 2019
    • Sunnfjord municipality decides to support a mining operation in the Engebo mountain conditional utilisation of all masses extracted and no sea deposit
    • The law firm Glittertind submits a legal opinion re. the application for expropriation of property belonging to AMR/landowners
    • AMR submits consultation input to the hearing on the application for an operating license from NOM*
    • NOM* files an application for expropriation of property belonging to AMR/landowners
    • AMR signs MoU with industrial minerals major for long-term offtake of all garnet production
    • AMR enters into agreement with developer of a large industrial site for area lease and 100% tailings offtake for the initial operating phase (+4.5 years)
    • NOM*files and application for operating license with the Directorate of Mining
  • 2018
    • AMR completes concept study for establishing underground mining with zero waste and no need for landfills and or sea deposits
    • AMR completes first recovery of garnet
    • NOM* enters into agreement with the landowners on the east side of the Engebo mountain
    • AMR enters into agreement with the landowners on the west side of the Engebo mountain and secures their garnet mineral rights
  • 2017
    • NOM* publishes a prefeasibility study confirming lack of commercially viable operation for rutile, but significant amounts of commercially viable content of garnet
    • NOM* receives extension of the extraction rights for their Engebo rutile project
  • 2016
    • NOM* increases the resource estimate which shows an increased resource with large amounts of high-quality garnet
  • 2015
    • NOM* receives approval of area zoning plan and receives discharge permit
  • 2010
    • NOM* signs MoU with industrial player (Barton) for offtake of garnet
  • 2009
    • NOM* recovers garnet of commercial quality
    • NOM* applies for area zoning permit for mineral extraction and a discharge permit for land and sea deposit
  • 2007
    • NOM* receives extension of their extraction rights for rutile
  • 2006
    • NOM* acquires the rutile extraction rights from Conoco*
  • 1999:
    • Fjord Blokk* files for bankruptcy
  • 1998
    • Fjord Blokk* establish quarry operations for export to Europe
    • NGU increases their estimate on garnet in the Engebo mountain
    • DuPont* ends their activity in the Engebo mountain
  • 1997
    • DuPont’s*subsidiary Conoco* is granted rutile extraction rights
    • DuPont*/NGU completes extensive exploration and process test work program incl. core drilling
  • 1993:
    • A PhD thesis concludes that the Engebo mountain contains too little rutile for establishing a profitable recovery of rutile even at significant increased rutile prices
  • 1991:
    • NGU concludes that the Engebo mountain contains insufficient rutile for establishing a commercial profitable operation
  • 1989:
    • DuPont* is looking for potential rutile deposits in Norway
  • 1978:
    • NGU commences exploration and analysis of the deposit
  • 1975:
    • Elkem’s chief geologist identifies the eclogite rock as a potential rutile deposit
  • 1968:
    • The Engebo mountain discovered as a deposit garnet in eclogite rock

* Companies not associated with Arctic Mineral Resources AS

AMR: Arctic Mineral Resources AS
NOM: Nordic Mining ASA / Nordic Rutile AS
NGU: The Geological Survey of Norway

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